Enclosure Replacement


A GRP substation enclosure on the live network was vandalised and needed replacing. AIG removed the damaged GRP enclosure and replaced it with an AIG steel enclosure. 

Brief/Client Requirements

AIG were tasked with replacing the damaged enclosure.

Our Solution

A new AIG steel enclosure was manufactured to the appropriate specification. One of the AIG fleet was used to lift off the vandalised GRP enclosure and replace it with the new AIG steel enclosure. Site work was completed in a day and even the sun shone.

Products & Services

AIG provided a steel enclosure to site, undertaking abnormal load planning for the AIG fleet vehicle to deliver the substation to site at the required time.


The images below show an overview of a project to replace a vandalised 2 year old GRP enclosure with a steel enclosure. The vandals had created a hole at low level on the front elevation of the GRP enclosure which meant it was no longer secure. 

AIG Engineering Ltd undertakes design, fabrication and installation services predominantly in the utility and engineering industries. 

The Company’s core products are doors, enclosures, housings, louvres and roofs, all made of steel. 

AIG Engineering Ltd is Constructionline Gold certified and CHAS registered.