security enclosures

Our Security Enclosures

AIG’s steel anti vandal enclosures are often sited where GRP enclosures would not be appropriate. 

AIG’s explosion relief roof system, allowing the rapid relief of pressure has passed Building Research Establishment tests and has been used in medical gas store roofs as well as substations.  

We are able to fabricate and install to a variety of dimensions of kiosks. Larger units are fabricated in our factory, transported in sections and then joined and weather sealed on site. Internal walls can be included where required. Where required, walls can be re-inforced allowing heavy  equipment to be hung on them.

AIG is able to manufacture units with electrical fittings installed. These units are delivered to site pre wired and this turnkey solution can be ready for use very shortly after delivery.   

AIG’s steel enclosures have been utilised in solar and wind farms as well as industrial and infrastructure related locations. 

In most circumstances deliveries are made by AIG’s inhouse fleet of vehicles.

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